Mom Caught Masterbating At Home

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This hot mom was caught masterbating at home on a sunny summer's day. Wearing just a short skirt and bikini top she had gone inside to cool off when her young neighbour sneaked in the yard with his camcorder. He managed to find this gap in the blinds and caught the sexy mom undressing and masterbating in her armchair. As you can see from this screenshot, she had already removed the top of her bikini and the young neighbour was stunned to see her lovely natural tits exposed.

Mom Caught Masterbating

Mom Caught Masterbating - Watch Here

This video of a hot mom caught masterbating by her sneaky young neighbour is one of the best I've seen in ages and that's why I wanted to share it with you guys. The quality of the video is excellent considering the guy was obviously scared stiff of getting caught. You get some excellent views of her tits and even a pretty good view of her pussy lips as she rubs herself up and down with her fingers. And her climax is just stunning. When she cums you can see her whole body twitching and there is even a hint of a low moaning sound that is picked up by the camcorder.

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