Office Girl Caught On Cam Masterbating

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This office girl was caught on cam masterbating in her lunch break. The hidden surveillance camera caught the unsuspecting girl pleasuring herself with her leg raised on the desk and her fingers buried in her pussy. I don't know the origins of this one, but it looks like it's from a building security cam. It looks genuine too!

Girl Caught On Cam Masterbating

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I wonder how many office girls enjoy masterbating in the office when nobody is watching? Quite a few I'd say, judging by the number of security cam tapes that can be found in various places around the Internet. Most of the time they are posted anonymously by some security guard and it's hard to know what the story behind them is. But even if you don't know where they came from it's pretty awesome watching some unsuspecting girl fingering her pussy when she thinks she's alone!

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Girl Caught Fingering Her Pussy In Shower

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This girl was caught fingering her pussy in the shower by her boyfriend. I guess she wasn't bothered about locking the door, maybe she was hoping the boyfriend would join her. But I bet she wasn't expecting him to sneak in with a camcorder!

Girl Caught Fingering

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By the time this girl's boyfriend sneaked into the bathroom to capture this secret masterbation video the chick was way into her rhythm and didn't notice a thing as he crept up behind her. As you can see, she's a squatter, that's a girl who likes to masterbate in the squatting position. It's pretty common and gives good access to the pussy but I've never actually seen a girl masterbating in this position for real before. It's pretty awesome watching her fingering her pussy while squatting in the shower. You can clearly see her fingers slip in and out of her wide open cunt as she plays with herself.

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Nude Sister Caught Masterbating In Bathroom

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Wow, this guy caught his nude sister masterbating in the bathroom and filmed the whole thing on his camcorder. It's a bit shaky but you can clearly see her rubbing her clit as she's sitting on the toilet. The guy obviously thought it would be funny to upload the video onto the web but she wasn't too pleased about it! The video got pulled pretty quickly but not before this site managed to get a copy. You can still watch it there.

Nude Sister Caught Masterbating

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I don't know why guys think it's funny to post videos on the net of their own sisters masterbating. It's a pretty mean trick. But in this case I can forgive him - because this video turns me on so fucking much! His sister is so fucking hot and the idea of secretly watching her play with herself when she doesn't know anyone is there is horny as fuck. Watching this video gives me such a hard dick it's almost painful. I'd seriously recommend checking it out. You can get it on this link...

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More Girls Caught Masterbating On Hidden Cams

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If you want to check out more videos of girls caught masterbating on hidden cams then I've found a great site that has tons of genuine private masterbation videos. The site is called Spy Porn Network and it's got so much hidden camera footage I hardly knew where to start. Of course, it was the masterbation footage I was most interested in but they had so much other stuff I was spoiled for choice. They have everything you could want - from changing room cameras, swimming pools, upskirts and shower cams to bathroom peepholes and videos of girls peeing!

Girls Caught Masterbating

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The picture above is taken from a video I found on Spy Porn Network. I picked it out because it's a good example of the real life girls you can find on the site. This girl was caught touching herself whilst playing a video game naked. It's so natural and intimate that it made me hard instantly. Knowing the girl had no idea she was being filmed and seeing her in such a natural state of undress playing with her shaved pussy was an awesome sight. You don't get many genuine videos of girls caught masterbating so when you find one like this you want to tell people about it! Download it now on this link...

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Wife Caught Masterbating On Hidden Camera

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This guy's wife was caught masterbating when he installed a hidden video camera in their living room. The secret camera masterbation video was the end result of a long term plan to capture his wife playing with her pussy. During one of their sex sessions she confessed to sometimes masterbating during the day when he was at work. He wanted to see how she did it, but she refused to masterbate while he watched. That's when he got the idea to set up the hidden camera.

Wife Caught Masterbating

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As you can see from the screenshot, the guy was successful in catching his wife masterbating. He got this footage one Sunday morning when he went out to play football. He suspected his wife was horny, but they hadn't had time for a fuck before he had to go out. So he left the hidden video camera running and this is the result.

The screenshot above is from the start of the video where she is just sliding her fingers inside her panties. It doesn't take long before her panties come off and she can be seen masterbating furiously, fucking her shaved pussy with three fingers at once. Watching your wife masterbate is an education - you get to see exactly what she likes! If you want to see just what this guy's wife likes, then download the video on this link...

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