Teen Caught Masterbating In Bathroom

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This horny teen girl was caught masterbating in a private bathroom at her local health spa. The secret video camera was installed by the spa's janitor to capture sneaky footage of girls changing or taking a pee. But when this girl arrived one day for a relaxing massage, the pervert janitor got much more than he expected!

Teen Caught Masterbating

Teen Caught Masterbating - Watch Here

After this teenage girl had finished her massage session, she went off to the private bathroom to shower and change. As usual, the janitor set his hidden camera running and this is the amazing footage he captured. The girl entered the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She immediately removed her shorts, sat down on the toilet seat and began to rub her pussy with her fingers.

She must have been left feeling horny from her massage because her fingers were quickly working in and out of her tight little pussy. As she rapidly poked her wet honey pot, her other hand pulled up her t-shirt so she could play with her hardening nipples. This furious masterbating continued for a good ten minutes before the girl's head went back and she bit her lip as the orgasm hit her.

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