Wife Caught Masterbating On Hidden Camera

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This guy's wife was caught masterbating when he installed a hidden video camera in their living room. The secret camera masterbation video was the end result of a long term plan to capture his wife playing with her pussy. During one of their sex sessions she confessed to sometimes masterbating during the day when he was at work. He wanted to see how she did it, but she refused to masterbate while he watched. That's when he got the idea to set up the hidden camera.

Wife Caught Masterbating

Wife Masterbating - Watch Here

As you can see from the screenshot, the guy was successful in catching his wife masterbating. He got this footage one Sunday morning when he went out to play football. He suspected his wife was horny, but they hadn't had time for a fuck before he had to go out. So he left the hidden video camera running and this is the result.

The screenshot above is from the start of the video where she is just sliding her fingers inside her panties. It doesn't take long before her panties come off and she can be seen masterbating furiously, fucking her shaved pussy with three fingers at once. Watching your wife masterbate is an education - you get to see exactly what she likes! If you want to see just what this guy's wife likes, then download the video on this link...

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